Financial expert opinion

A financial assessment may be performed as a dissenting opinion that is commissioned by the customer, or as forensic financial analysis. Financial assessments encompass various types of work:

  • Valuation of an enterprise/holdings/shares
  • Assessment of the cost-reflectivity of regulated tariffs and the justification for tariff methodologies
  • Assessment of losses and unreceived profits
  • Assessment of the causes and time of occurrence of an insolvency
  • Assessment of the value of a claim
  • Performance of financial audits
  • Determination of a fair compensation in cases of the compulsory sale of the shares of minority shareholders (squeeze-out)
  • Assessment of the feasibility of a reorganisation based on the reorganisation plan submitted to the court (as a reorganisation expert). In this case, the reorganisation expert is appointed by the court.
  • Assessment of the debt restructuring plan of a natural person
  • Assessment of the transfer of an enterprise
  • Cost accounting analysis, incl. the cost of capital and expenditures
  • Other types of financial analyses

The preparation of a dissenting opinion as evidence is organised in stages:

  • Posing the legally relevant question for an analysis
  • Choice of the assessment methodology
  • Data collection from the client and reliable public sources
  • Data analysis based on the chosen methodology and the drawing of conclusions
  • Composing a written statement of opinion
  • Presenting the opinion and results to the customer

Defending the opinion, if necessary.